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2017-08-25 / News

Fastest growing companies in Pennsylvania featured on Inc. 5000 list


Nine Companies with headquarters located in the Pennsylvania Business Central readership area were named on Inc. Magazine’s 2017 list of the 5000 fastest growing private companies in America.

The 36th annual list is organized according to the percentage of revenue growth over the past three years.

The companies listed include: Fresh Roasted Coffee (727), Century Support Services (859), Homeland Manufacturing Services (920), Sunny Days In-Home Care (1925), COE Distributing (3623), Advanced Powder Products (4255), Applied Training Solutions (4279), Diamondback Truck Covers (4280), Venetia Partners (4972).

Selinsgrove-based Fresh Roasted Coffee continues to top the list in our readership. The coffee distribution company has experienced a three- year growth of 631 percent and made $4.8 million in revenues last year. In Pennsylvania, they ranked as the 24th fastest growing company.

In total, Pennsylvania had 185 companies on the list, 78 of which were in the top 50 percent.

The Pittsburgh metropolitan area had 17 companies featured altogether, including the fastest growing in Pennsylvania, which once again went to PANTHERx Specialty Pharmacy.

Both the second and third companies featured in our readership area were newcomers to the list.

In second is Century Support Services, a North Huntingdon-based financial services firm that has experienced a three-year growth of 523 percent and made $24.7 million in revenues last year.

In third, State College-based Homeland Manufacturing brought in $2 million in revenues last year and has a three- year growth of 479 percent. Also notable is that the company came in 16th for manufacturing companies in the entire U.S. Although this was Homeland’s first year on the list, the manufacturer has seen consistently quick growth since being founded in 2011.

In 2013 the company moved out of the founder’s basement and into its first location, a 2500 square foot facility, which they outgrew in only 9 months. Now after two and half years in a 5,000 square foot facility, Homeland is looking to expand once again by filling some space next door, and adding automation to multiply the output of its existing workforce.

Founder and President John Bonislawski equates the growth to the manufacturer’s employees and ethics.

“Part of it is my experience in the industry and positioning us with the right customers but more importantly I have a phenomenal team of employees. They really care about they’re doing and together we produce very reliable products at an ultra-competitive price. Also, we always deliver when we say we’re going to deliver and our customers like that,” he said.

Bonislawski counts on being on the list next year as well as his contracts are already promising a fruitful 2017.

The existing network of high-tech companies has also helped keep Homeland growing.

“Certainly all of my original customers are here in Centre County. I started organically here having understood that there was a need in this area. There are a lot of high-tech startup companies that are producing designs that are difficult to manufacture and were beyond the scope of existing manufacturers in terms of complexity,” he said.

Bonislawski’s experience before starting the company also proved useful as he knew where other manufacturers fell short.

“I also understood having come from the other side, where I was purchasing completed assemblies from manufacturers, that on-time delivery and quality was a real issue in the industry,” he said, going on to restate that the company is dedicated to quality and on- time delivery.

Moving forward, Homeland hopes to get more and more companies to buy locally manufactured product instead of outsourcing the assembly. According to Bonislawski, outsourcing may reduce the per unit cost, but oftentimes increases the total cost of doing business as companies need to deal with a higher defect rate, potential for stolen intellectual property and shipping costs. He explained that companies that buy local get to have a direct line of communication with the manufacturer and can bring products to market much faster. .

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